4 Key Features Of A Great Music Website

All noteworthy musicians have websites of their own. Whether they build their own music website or hire professional website designers, it is critical that they create a music website which is attention-grabbing, true to their brand and can evoke curiosity. To achieve this, there are a few features that are essential.

Four key features that help a music website stand out from the crowd are listed below:

Engaging content

It’s bigger than trying to go VIRAL. Plan your content in such a way that it tells your story. Apart from highlighting your music, it should have interesting content, such as trivia about your music. All your social media handles should be well-represented, so make sure you provide ample links. Keep your contact information updated as well. Mention all the upcoming events that you plan to take on, including past gig information.

Visual appeal

Visuals are crucial to the success of your website. Hire a professional photographer, so that they can capture the essence of you and your brand. Musicians have to be intentional with website layout and colors. Every visual and nuisance of color should emphasize something the musician wants his or her fans to see.


Is your website attractive? If you have managed to create a website but it doesn’t look great, what’s the point? Making your site look good can set you a part from your competition.

Make it easy for your listeners to buy your music through easy navigation and buy or contact buttons. In addition, provide options to buy exclusive brand merchandise on your website. Offer special prices and seasonal discounts as well. You can even sell tickets to your concerts at a discounted price through your website.

Track and promote

Tracking visitors is a great idea. It helps you understand where you stand and how you can improve your website. Statistics can help musicians develop a strategy around what’s hot. One way that a musician can implement strategy is through a newsletter and posting about upcoming events that give fans opportunities to engage with him or her.

Last, pay attention to the entire composition of the website just as you pay attention to your music composition. The website will be a direct reflection of your music, personality and professionalism.

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