There are many tools and platforms out there that lets you create a website but if you are looking to specifically create a music website then you can try using the following musician website builders.

1. MuzikPress – It has everything from domain extensions to choices for music website templates and themes that do justice to your genre of music. It works at great speed and also addresses security concern. You get the domain name without any time limit and free of cost.

2. Bandzoogle – This comes as no surprise as you must have heard of it as a musician looking to create a website. Let us look at what makes Bandzoogle so popular among musicians. They offer easy upload of your music tracks. The visitors gets to stream them with no extra effort. You also have plenty of themes to make your website look more attractive to choose from.

3. Wix – You must have heard of Wix as a website builder. It offers many templates and themes that lets you personalize your website to a great deal. It gives you a professional approach. It can integrate other platforms of use to you, such as Bandsintown and Songkick.

4. Tumblr – It is a perfect mixture of social media and blogging. Not an exact website builder but has good presence amongst the music lovers and musicians alike. Being free it is a great way to kick start your journey as a musician with a good digital presence.

5. 1and1 – It is another great choice for building your own music website. It has templates specifically designed for musicians. The site builder is incredibly simple to navigate through for people with no coding knowledge. It has good domain extensions and reach. The speed is also another great feature of 1and1. They offer Linux based web hosting. Though users have raised security concerns with Iand1 it still remains a popular choice among musicians specially because the domain extensions they offer. So, musicians can fondly and aptly add extensions like .rock or .pop.

While building a music website, keep your audience in mind. Do not get intimidated by the process of creating a musician website as you might not have adequate coding knowledge. Take hep of these platforms that lets you create a website of your own without any to minimal coding knowledge.

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