5 Mistakes to Avoid While Building A Music Website

If you’re serious about your craft and brand then it’s a MUST HAVE! Every musician must create a music website to mark their digital presence. However, the following 5 mistakes should be avoided while musicians are busy creating a music website.

1. Lack of a professional presence

Make sure that all of your social media handles are given recognition and are well blended in. The Big 3: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter should be incorporated in the website in such a manner that a continuous conversation is promoted revolving around the music, the musician is working on. Also, it doesn’t hurt to add other social media music sites like: SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Band Camp and etc. The website should act like a platform that incorporates links to Shopify, Eventbrite and similar options to merch and events. It will greatly help with the marketing aspect of the website for the musician.

2. Difficult to navigate

The music website should be easy to navigate and should be easy on the eyes. The site has to also be functional and not just for eye candy. If the site is visually solid but cumbersome to manage then it can become a very expensive affair, meaning you’ll need to hire a designer/developer to help you make updates. Last, it should have great content and never lose its focus on promoting music.

3. Websites built for desktop

Your website needs to be mobile and responsive friendly. Everything in our culture evolves around the convenience of handheld devices! Websites must be compatible and equally appealing when opened in mobile or tab. The desktop version should live up to its expectations in other devices as well. Provide scope for listening to music and also buying the goods through all devices.

4. Disregarding different media types

A music website should take into account different media types and not just video.

5. Not being intentional with their brand’s identity

Musicians and artists should stay true to their musical identity while creating the music website. You want a consistent online presence that matches your in-person presence.

Promote your music and let the world see what kind of a talented artist you are.

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