5 Tips To Get Your Music Website Noted In Instagram

Instagram can let your music fanbase grow by leaps and bounds almost instantaneously. The reason behind the great success of Instagram as a social media platform is because it provides visual content. Here is a list of 5 ways to use Instagram better for your music website.

1.Professional shoot

You may love being all natural but your photos taken by ordinary phone cameras can get pixelated and appear not up to Instagram standard for your brand. Get a professional photo shoot done. Pay attention to your picture composition. Talk about a story. Narrate your life or a particular experience.

2. Hashtag

There is a common tendency amongst all Instagram followers to add as many hashtags as possible. People also go overboard with the most trending hashtags. But in reality for Instagram, the hashtags that will actually help your music website get promoted are the right or the most apt hashtags.

3. Common photos

Though it is advisable to keep certain photos specially for Instagram, but, it is better to keep similar photos shared on all your social media platforms. It helps increase your recognizability. This will also serve the purpose of cross-promoting all your posts.

4. When to post

Post between Monday to Wednesday 8 to 9 a.m. This has been observed to be that time period when people are most active on Instagram. Also do not post just too often. Make sure your posts are well paced. It is believed that 1.5 times a day is a reasonable number of times t post on Instagram.

5. Appropriate content

After doing a careful research on what type of Instagram your fanbase finds to be most likeable, try to model your content accordingly. If your fanbase is based on a certain demography then make use of your knowledge of that demography well.

Build your music brand and promote everything related to your music through Instagram. Keep it personal but of course not too personal. Use Instagram to market your music website through an interesting bio. Help your fans see that you are just like them. Relatability is a huge impetus for gathering maximum number of followers on Instagram.

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