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If you’re a musician who is part of a band, chances are you have a band page to promote yourselves across various social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all social media sites musicians need. However, there is certain etiquette that you need to be mindful of, while posting on your band social media page.

What are these? Let’s find out below:

Keep it light and cheerful

Sure, you may use your social media page to air your grievances sometimes or criticize government initiatives you are not in favor of. But don’t go on ranting and moaning too much and don’t be too harsh and rude. Don’t start an online feud over something someone said… because at the end of the day it’s petty. Don’t play into drama!!

Tailor content

Each social media platform is different, therefore you need to understand how they ALL work. Find out what media type suits which platform the best. Your Twitter post does not have to mirror your Facebook post and so on. Also try not to spam. Talk to people instead of just copy/pasting promotional material onto their chat/message inbox. If you’re using Facebook for an event invite, make sure you send invites to people in the area and the vicinity and not hundreds of miles away.


If you find out a band from your community is playing a nearby venue, show up! There’s nothing like support! If you support the scene, the scene will support you. Additionally, you’ll end up making new friends and earning your band goodwill.

Don’t be pushy

Find out what kind of music a person likes listening to and generally get to know him/her before you ask them to generate traffic for your music blog. It’s basic courtesy.

Don’t hire a social media manager

You don’t need to pay a social media manager to manage your social media accounts unless you’re super busy. Just handle them yourself. Update them occasionally and reply to comments you receive on your posts. It’s not alien science and it will encourage your fans to have a one-on-one interaction with their favorite band.

Social media presence is not to be taken lightly in our day and age. It can build or break your brand. Follow these do’s and don’ts to stay on the safe side of the web.


Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media: A Musician’s Guide

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