Get Your Music Featured On Spotify Playlists

Spotify is used by billions of people worldwide for their music requirements. If you want to build a music brand, Spotify is the place to be, apart from other social media sites musicians need.

Stream counts for your music/track indicate your success on Spotify. The number of times users add your tracks to playlists is another indicator for the same. In fact a lot of Spotify users listen more to human-made playlist than to the Spotify algorithm playlist.

Let us look at 5 steps you can follow to increase the chances of getting your music featured on Spotify playlists.

1. Get verified

Getting verified as an artist on Spotify is very simple. You need to fill a form and submit the same. Have a verified tick next to your name proves that you are legal, gives you more command over your page and also lets you access a lot of statistics, data and fan insights that can help you market your music better.

2. Stay active on Spotify

The algorithm is simple – the more active you are, the more your tracks are added to playlists, the more likely you are to be seen by both user curators and the algorithm. Regularly release new music, promote your artist page and build up your follower base on Spotify.

3. Take Baby Steps to start with

Take out time and do some research on Spotify. Find playlists where you think your music will fit perfectly. Then figure out which of those lists are curated by humans and which are algorithmic. Slowly then work towards getting your track on to those playlists. For algorithmic playlists, you need to create a buzz about your brand and music. For human curated ones, find who created them and see if you could pitch your case to them.

4. Write a convincing, tailored pitch for each curator

Keep it simple. Communicate the fact that you have actually listened to their entire playlist and why your music is a good fit in it.

5. Keep working on your online presence and PR

If you get featured on a playlist, make sure you make a big deal out of it. Publicize it as far and wide as you can and thank the curator. Also splash it on your music website.

While working on the above 5 steps, you could also make your own music playlists and feature them on your artist page. This allows you to engage well with your fans.

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