music website

A music website lets you have your own destination where your fans can reach you. You can opt for a free music website through a provider and use their music website maker to create a unique personalized website of your own. To get your fans to your music website, you will need an address otherwise called a domain name. It is the url that the person will key in when he wants to visit your website.

A domain name is significant because it lets your customers and fans identify your music website. Unlike social media platforms, your music website domain name will be one that you own. Domain names are provided by multiple online vendors. You can register with one of them and you will need to renew the same annually.

Your domain name has to reflect your brand name. Choose your brand name as your domain name if possible. If it is not possible and the domain name is already taken, you can consider adding music or band at the end of your brand name. For example – You could also add official at the end of your band name or your name (if you are a solo artist) to let your customers know that your website is the official and original music website of your representative band. Alternatively, you can also add your genre to the end of your band name on your domain so that your customers can identify you and your music with your domain name. While it may be tempting to choose something really funky, you must refrain from going completely off-track and stick to your band name as the key content in your music website domain name.

Please ensure that you register for all possible domain name extensions. When people search for your music brand online, they may end up putting .com, .net, .org etc. If you do not own all domain extensions, they will land up on a wrong website.

Your domain name is your online identity. Ensure you make no mistakes in spelling while registering or you will be stuck with a wrong spelling for at least a year. Take care to choose the tight name, cover all extensions, renew on time and make the most of your domain.

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