How to craft yourself into a brand if you’re an artist/musician

In order to make a career if you make your own music, you need to market yourself. But first, you need to build a music brand that you can then use to promote your or your band’s music. There are certain steps that you should follow in order to build you/your band into a brand that others will be interested in. These are:

Define yourself

Who are you and what do you stand for? What sets you apart from your competition? Your brand has to start out with a vision. Your worldview is a good foundation to base this vision on.

Design a brand logo

You will be using this brand logo to promote your brand across channels. A brand logo is not crucial for brand promotion, but it sure helps to have one. It will help keep you in consumer memory.

Craft yourself a look

If you want your band to stand out as a distinct brand, you cannot wear basic T-shirts and Chuck Taylors onstage. Use your clothes to make a statement. You do not have to put too much effort into how you look, but crafting a signature style for yourself will make you stand apart.

Have a portfolio of photos clicked

Similarly, you can click them yourselves. Band photos are essential for promoting your brand. You will be using these photos on social media, merchandise, concert posters and so on.

Figure out your audience

If you know the population base that subscribes to your music, it will help you tailor your brand accordingly. You can design aspects of your brand to attract more of this niche or keep them interested.

Sell yourself

If you’re starting out with a new brand, you need to socialize and how! Go to parties, talk to people, ask for reviews and feedback. Market your brand every opportunity that you get and encourage your fans to do the same.

Creating a brand for yourself makes good business sense for an artist/musician. The steps mentioned above should help build you a music brand you’re proud of.

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