SEO Tips to drive more Visitors to Your Music Website

Your music website should attract new fans and keep everyone up-to-date with the latest developments regarding music, merch and tours. There are several ways you can drive more visitors to your music website.

After you create a music website one of the most effective techniques is to use Search Engine Optimization or SEO, which allows your fans to find your music website naturally. As a musician, SEO may sound alien to you, as you never came across this terminology. Don’t worry because here are a few tips which will help you use SEO for your music website:

Use branded keywords

The keywords you have to use as an artist is slightly different. For starters, you need to use branded keywords, such as your stage name, lyrics, interviews, and performance dates to name a few.

It doesn’t matter if there isn’t a lot of traffic for these keywords at the moment. Once you pick up steam in the music industry, the number of people using your branded keywords will start to rise.

Great content is essential

You need to have good content on your music website so that people are compelled to pay a visit. For example, you can talk about your journey as a musician, so that you can help fellow artists who are on a similar path. You can get two birds with one stone by sprinkling this post with your branded keywords.

However, make sure that you avoid stuffing your posts with a lot of keywords, as you will get penalized. Keep in mind that you are writing for your fans and music professionals, so use appropriate number of keywords.

Utilize YouTube

You will be uploading your videos on YouTube, as you want to maximize the reach of your music. The next time you decide to upload a video, make sure you fill your branded keywords. As YouTube videos come up in search engines, you shouldn’t waste this opportunity.

With these three simple SEO tips, driving larger number of visitors to your music website will be a piece of cake!

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