Simple Steps to Create the Perfect Music Website

If you are looking at marketing your music online, you must create a music website of your own. Creating a website is not very difficult. There are multiple sites which teach you how to build your music website. Not just that, there are many sites which allow you to create free music website and also host your music website on their domain.

Let us look at a few simple steps using which you can create your own music website.

Choose a template for your website

Your website is a visual medium for your readers and hence it needs to look good. Not just that, it also needs to reflect your brand identity and personality. Choose a template that represents your brand the closest.

Choose your fonts and the color scheme

These play an important role in the look and feel of your website. For example: – If you are a rock band, you should go for a funky but readable font instead of going for a formal business presentation type font. Keep the typography across your website consistent and make sure that the font is readable and does not merge into the background.

Use Professional Images

Use only professionally shot images for your music website. Your images are probably the first thing that people will notice in your website and hence it is ideal to invest in a well-shot and color corrected set of images to suit different sections of your website. Well shot images will make your website stand out amidst other music websites.

Organize the navigation of your music website in such a way that it is user-friendly. Arrange for all important information to be available at a glance. Avoid keeping multiple scrolls and also make sure the website is responsive. Ensure that you cover all the sections like – About Us, Contact Us, Music Made, Reviews, Achievements etc. Keep a separate section for your press kit which should be downloadable.

You could also use other features like splash pages to promote a new song or creation. You can use sub-menus if you have a lot of information which does not fit into the menus. Finally, set up the hosting with a valid domain name. Do not forget to drive traffic to your music website using SEO. Good Luck!

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