Simple Steps to Design an Awesome Beat Maker Website

There are many beat makers’ websites on the internet and it is important that you stand out from the crowd. You can follow the below steps to create a unique beat maker website for your band.

Start website creation journey by studying other beat maker websites. This will give you a fair idea of what all you want your website to contain.

Capture Attention

In this ever busy world, you have hardly 5 seconds to capture a customer’s attention. Your header image, which acts as your introduction needs to do the job. Have a big, well shot and edited image of yourself/your band/your music which helps customers get familiar with you. If you are using an abstract image, make sure it is not a random stock image but one that is thought of very clearly and has deeper meaning to it. A great option would be to use a video header which instantly captures attention with its movement and also lets you get across more messaging than a static image would.

Keep Visitors Engaged

Your homepage must have a CTA which makes them do something. It could be subscribing to your mailing list, buying your latest beat etc. You could also have a catchy CTA saying “create your own beats free” which is sure to intrigue your visitors.

Easy Navigation

To keep people browsing on your website, you must feature interesting content and have a good looking layout. Have an organized navigation bar. If you have a one page design, keep your content focused so your visitors do not have to scroll too much. Have different colors and styles for sections.


This is the star of your website. Make this easy to access and to buy. You can display beats on your music website in multiple different ways. You could opt for giving away free beats in exchange for signing up to mailing lists, have a pay-what-you-want option etc.


You can keep ready-made sample packs and drum kits. These will make it easier for producers or rappers to buy from your music website. You can give an image, item details and the price. Users can easily add the item to their cart and pay for it while checking out.

Make sure you do not forget the contact page as your users need another way (apart from social media) to get in touch with you!

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