Using LinkedIn to promote your brand

The first step for a musician wanting to promote their music is to build a music brand.Once this brand has been created, it needs to be promoted. You can use a variety of social media platforms for this purpose. LinkedIn makes an unlikely choice for a musician promoting their musician, but it has its benefits. Here’s why LinkedIn is a social media site musicians need to promote and build a music brand:

It helps you network

The music industry has a lot of players besides the musicians. There are managers, technicians, graphic designers, photographers, booking agents and the efforts of a host of other professionals involved. LinkedIn allows you access to all of these people, on the professional front. People on LinkedIn are more keen on accepting requests from strangers than they are on other social media platforms.

It is more business oriented

If you wanted to get in touch with a professional contact on Facebook, you’d have to tweak your privacy settings accordingly if you didn’t want them to browse through photos of you partying. LinkedIn is a perfect medium for such professional communication where the person doesn’t get an insight into your personal life.

Use a professional approach

If you decide to sign up for LinkedIn, respect the rules of conducting oneself on the site. Choose a formal profile photo. Don’t post inappropriate status updates. Sell your professional achievements and qualifications in the summary.

Join groups

You can join LinkedIn groups with regular dialogue to increase your brand visibility. Don’t spam the group. Take the time to answer questions and interact with other members. You can end up making lifelong professional connections.

Carefully time your posts

There is no point posting an update on LinkedIn during the weekends. You can rest assured nobody will be checking LinkedIn then. Your post will get no eyeballs. Save weekends for interacting with your audience on Facebook. Time your LinkedIn post when people are most likely to be online.

LinkedIn may not seem the obvious choice for musicians wishing to promote or create a music brand. However, it can prove to be a useful tool if used wisely.

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