Twitter Music Website

Social media has a unique place in our lives today. The way a band or an individual musician presents him or herself on social media has a lot to do with expressing themselves and connecting with their fan base. Twitter is one such platform that allow artists to do just that. It connects you with your fan base, yet keeps the interaction crisp and interesting. Be it an established musician or a budding artist, everybody needs right approach to cater to the needs of social media. Twitter being highly popular is an excellent forum for your music to get a whole level of exposure. It is definitely one of the social media sites musicians need to be active on to build a music brand.

Here are a few tips on how to do it

1. Promote your website

Start an interesting conversation or jump into an existing conversation about your genre of music. You must create a music website and put the link on twitter with your insight into the conversation.

2. Plan your tweets

It has been seen that all those people who love to tweet, generally do so after 2 p.m., if you plan your tweets I the afternoon or in the evening, chances are more that your tweets will be read. Do a thorough search of Google analytics and Bitly so you get a far idea of trends. Make the conversation on twitter apt and relevant to trending issues. Take help of TweetDeck and stay updated with information that might be of relevance to you.

3. Structure the tweet

You may have heard how your tweets need to be minimal, well, the longer exact 140 character tweets are the best received ones. While tweeting use more verbs as they also attract traffic.

4. Follow and get followed

Follow everyone who might help your band. The recording labels who promote your kind of music should never be a miss. Also look for fellow musicians, their fans also might start taking a liking to your music.

5. Pay attention to content

Do not engage in mindless tweets. Promote your music but be wise about it by not letting your followers get flooded by your tweets. Post useful information such as upcoming gigs and merch that you might be launching

Twitter is an important marketing tool in the present day. Use it appropriately to gain as much attention as you can for your band.

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