music website analytics

Your music website needs to give you data in the form of analytics which can help you gain insight into your activity, fans, sales and etc. The following tips can give you a better idea of how you can reach more people using data.

  1. Visitor Analytics

    Keep a note of the number of unique visitors to your website each week or month. Visitor analytics give you the ability to hone in on your fan’s location and medium they are coming from. This information can help you plan more effective marketing campaigns. For example:

    1. If you notice that the majority of your unique visitors are coming to your website from Florida via clicking on Facebook posts, then you know whom and where to target your next marketing campaign. Also, check which pages are popular amongst your visitors.
    2. If you see a trend, then focus your efforts in that area. You can do this by creating strategic content for that specific group of people who engage in that trend. On a side note you could potentially do some digital and traditional advertising in that area.
  2. Fan Analytics

    Keep a note of how many new fans are interacting with your music, social pages and website over a period of time. It’s always a great thing to know the numbers. Also, while your fan base is growing, make sure that you are not losing your existing fanbase. More, you can stay connected to new and existing fans via email marketing.

  3. Music Data & Analytics

    Other music data and analytics helps you figure out which tracks are the most popular and which songs have partial plays or maximum skips. Another important aspect of music data & analytics are fan comments, feedback, like, retweets and reach. Understanding these data points can help you create music that connects with your listener.

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