Websites you can use to promote your music

So, you’re an ambitious independent musician without a record label deal trying to build a music brand. How do you get your music noticed? Unlike in the old days when you’d have to hang around record label studios for hours hoping to get an interview with a producer who was willing to sign you, music promotion has become much easier in the present.

You can use a variety of platforms available online to build yourself a consistent fan base from the comfort of your home. All those hours you would have spent wasting can now be put to good use doing what you do best – making music!

Here’s a list of music websites musicians need to take their music to the masses:


There is no place better than this music distribution platform to get yourself heard. SoundCloud attracts over 175 million unique visitors monthly. It is a favorite with veteran musicians as well as up and coming artists looking to start off their music career.


If you’re a beginner musician, you’re probably not so keen on payment for your music right this moment. You probably prioritize having your music heard more. Either way, the popularity of iTunes is uncontested. You may not find buyers immediately, but imagine the joy of having paid listeners who buy your music. If people are willing to pay to listen to your music, you can rest assured your music is worth playing.


Spotify enjoys an immense foothold in the online music streaming industry right now. Sure, it can be hassling to use for free users but uploading your music on Spotify nevertheless is a good tactical move for those looking to promote their music.


YouTube has contributed to the success of many unknown artists who shot to fame after being discovered on the video-sharing mecca. YouTube allows you insightful audience metrics so you can realize the reach of your music.


Bandcamp is very similar to SoundCloud in its functionality, except it caters to a more niche audience.

So what are you waiting for? There are also a number of social media sites musicians need to be on to gain visibility. Build that fan base you always wanted!

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