Why you should start a music blog

If you’re a wannabe musician you should probably create a music website. It may sound like a time-intensive pursuit but it has its pay-offs. Let’s look at some of them below:

Music websites garner a steady flow of visitors

Most musicians develop their own website and only update it to announce their gig schedule every so often. Since there’s hardly any new content, the visitors to these websites are far and few between. If you create a music website then you’ll want to it updated with fresh content. Fresh content would attract frequent visitors. Frequent visitors to your website would result in increased sales of the products you offer. Use your e-mail list and social media to share your blog posts and watch your audience base grow.

They help you build a bond with your audience

Apart from sales and promotion, blogs offer your audience a sneak into your personal life. They help these people connect to you at a deeper level than regular social media websites. You can share your opinions and emotions and let your fans know the person you are beneath the musician. Introduce your friends and family. The possibilities are endless!

You can journal your progress

Blogs help a person track their progress over the years. As a musician/band, you can use your music blog to understand how your career has moved since inception. Did you have more sold-out shows in the beginning? Are you going on tour more often now? What about your albums – which have performed better?

Diversify your fan base

When you start a blog, you tap into a new community – that of bloggers. Now these bloggers may not have heard your music before, but as they visit your blog, now they will. Maybe you’ll make yourself new fans. You will have extended the reach of your music, taking it to newer people. Music promotion goals, am I right?

Are you a musician/band artist and still thinking if you should create your own blog or music website? Hurry, what are you waiting for? You don’t want to miss out!

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